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Handmade Soaps Drived From Natural Ingredients

What is special about our soaps?
Our soaps treasure nature in all its glory

We use 100% natural ingredients in the production of our soaps and spa products. The soaps are made in a process called "cold process", with a mixture of vegetable oils containing about 33% Israeli olive oil, with the addition of African shea butter that nourishes the skin with vitamins and moisture, cocoa butter that maintains skin elasticity, coconut oil softens the skin, almond oil and grape seed oil . In addition, the soaps contain aromatic oils and fragrances without parabens. We collect the best ingredients available, such as: lavender from France, patchouli from India and mint oil from Israel.

What makes The Soap Cake Factory so special?
The purest soap you have ever enjoyed!

Only 100% pure ingredients are used in all our soaps and spa products. We use at least 33% pure Israeli olive oil in our cold-process soap, and enrich each bar with our own blends of essential oils and parabens free fragrances. We pick the finest ingredients from all corners of the earth: Lavender form France, Patchouli form India, and Israeli Mint.

Our story

We have been making handmade boutique soaps since 2003

Since then, we have "bathed" tens of thousands of people in the United States, Israel, and Europe, and maintained their skin health and taught many thousands how to make special, shaped soaps on the purity of the plant.

2003-2011 Luisa New York

It all started in the basement of the home of Gili Zilca, a chemical engineer with a master's degree in applied chemistry from the Hebrew University, during the time she lived in the US with her young family. After years of working in laboratories and factories, it was clear to her that her professional career did not match her. and for her children - a healthy lifestyle that stays as far away from chemicals and mass production as possible.

Gili founded Luisa New York, which developed and sold handmade care products and soaps to customers across the United States. Also a mini-factory and shop.In addition, Gili and her staff began to conduct in the studio workshops for adults and children for making specially designed soaps.

In 2012, after a 12-year stay abroad, Gili returned to Israel with her family and opened the Soap Cake Factory in Israel with the vision to continue both creating and developing the workshops. The studio and boutique factory is located in Raanana and hosts many families from Israel and around the world.

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