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Love a massage? Love a spa? Love deep scents that stay on the skin for a long time? All in one package, a set of three scented soaps: lavender, Ocean scent and a scent we call SPA because there is no better way to describe the scent, it just smells like in a spa. A pampering gift for you and anyone who wants to feel at home in a SPA.

Made from Glycerin

Ocean soap: with the addition of jojoba oil beeds , which enriches the skin with moisture and foams the soap on the skin. Fresh scent of the sea, refreshing in the morning or after a long day of work.

Lavender soap: with a soothing lavender essential oil. Glycerin base which enriches the skin with moisture.

SPA soap: with a heavenly scent of patchouli-grapefruit

Weight about 125 grams each soap.

Set of 3 massage soaps

  • סבון על בסיס גליצרין מיוצר משמנים מהצומח, תמציות ריח, שמן אתרי לוונדר וגרגירי חוחבה

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