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A complete soap cake in the shape of a cheesecake !! A festive event is approaching and want to give a surprising gift to all the guests, all the employees or all the participants. Order a whole cake with a great perfume scent, with soap cream decorations.

The cake can be cut with a non-serrated kitchen knife and if you ask we will cut the cake for you before it is sent.

About 13 slices of cake (soap).

Produced from vegetable oils - olive oil, shea butter and other oils that enrich the skin with moisture.

The cake should be ordered up to 5 weeks before use.

You can order the same cake in a different color. Write in the comments if you want a different color for the cake.


Weight: 1,560 grams

Cheesecake - soap

  • Olive oil, water, coconut oil, shea butter, caustic soda, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, almond oil, titanium di oxide (natural mineral).

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