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Make soaps at home like professionals !! A kit for making homemade soaps for the whole family (for children aged 5 and up under parental supervision).
Kit includes: 500 grams Soap base: 3 packages of transparent glycerin (100 grams in each package), 2 packages of white glycerin (100 grams in each package), silicone mold - one mold containing small molds (in the photos are taken different types of molds - in each kit the mold varies - depends on what is in stock).

2 paint bottles, 2 scent bottles, 5 packing bags, 2 popsicle sticks for stirring, 2 disposable cups and detailed preparation instructions in English and Hebrew.

The activity lasts about an hour and a half and about 30 soaps are obtained. Suitable for 2-3 participants.

The kit comes in a "smiling" multi-purpose bag / bag :))

    Soap making kit

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